About Us

Homotopic.Tech is the development center of Dan Firth (@locallycompact). I use applied mathematics to construct low-maintenance, always-correct software. I solve hard problems with zero-defect solutions.

Homotopic.Tech is a hybrid product/services company. We produce experimental tools and techniques for the Haskell language family. We provide fully open source software as well as custom proprietary solutions when needed.

Horizon Haskell provides stable package sets for advance versions of GHC.
Algebraic Modelling For Science
Straightforward approaches to scientific software.

Producing tools to aid in scientific research is often awkward, and the results can feel unintuitive to use. Researchers often have to switch between "thinking in their problem domain", and "thinking in code", in order to translate their ideas into the computer.

I am able to bridge that gap by using new mathematical techniques to make modelling in software feel as natural as working on paper. We'll work together to understand your field and find ways to make tools that let you express what you want, exactly how you want.

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Email: dan.firth@homotopic.tech
Phone: +447853047347