about us

Homotopic.Tech is the development center of Dan Firth (@locallycompact). I believe in using the applied mathematics to construct low-maintenance, always-correct software. I select tools carefully in order to maintain zero-defect code.

Scientific Modelling Done RightStraightforward approaches to scientific software.

Producing tools to aid in scientific research is often awkward, and the results can feel unintuitive to use. Researchers often have to switch between "thinking in their problem domain", and "thinking in code", in order to translate their ideas into the computer.

I am able to bridge that gap by using new mathematical techniques to make modelling in software feel as natural as working on paper. We'll work together to understand your field and find ways to make tools that let you express what you want, exactly how you want.

Applied domain engineeringFunctional programming techniques in industry.

I have worked as a consultant and engineer in several industries including media, finance, automotive and machine learning, many of which involved safety critical systems. I have seen all kinds of commercial software benefit tremendously from using applied mathematics and domain modelling techniques, that make the computer work to eliminate defects for us.

I can help you to build systems that work predictably using principled functional programming. I can also help train you in those techniques, that will allow us to build software in ways that we can guarantee production correctness, and reduce your maintenance and overheads over the long run.

Training in engineering and mathematicsState of the art software methods

I offer a range of training courses to give you the tools you need to navigate the functional programming ecosystems, so you can apply all of my techniques and be self-assured of all of the guarantees functional programming has to offer. I can provide full courses in Haskell, Idris and Dhall and help bring you up to a master level in functional programming.

I mix three key elements in my approach to training - 1) a solid theoretical foundation, 2) practice in language elements and syntax, and 3) a full exploration of the latest libaries and applications that you can use in your projects. I keep up to date with the very latest theories, techniques and releases on an ongoing basis, and can work with you to produce onboarding materials for new hires as well.

Open source toolkitsWorking with you to create art

I maintain over fifty projects in the Haskell ecosystem, published on hackage, stackage and developed in public at gitlab.homotopic.tech. I aim to make all work as freely available as possible, with up to date documentation and tutorials.

I develop methods to effectively release manage all of the projects here, and also work with many open source contributors around the world to provide fixes and upgrades, aiming to keep everything available at cutting edge compiler releases.

I also love to work with aspiring open source contributors to get their ideas off the ground. If you're anywhere from a beginner through to expert in haskell, idris or dhall and are working on an open source project you think I could be interested in - please get in touch.


contact us

If you'd like to hire me for contract work, please use any of the contact details below. If you require additional humans, just let me know.

Email: dan.firth@homotopic.tech
Phone: +447853047347